Regardless of whether your child participates only in on-demand or a mix of on-demand and live classes, upon enrollment you will have access to our exclusive Member's Area where all classes will be posted. We have a permanent link for all live classes. I try to keep everything as easy and stress free as possible for you!

We will get together four to five times each week for class, depending on if your child is in our preschool or Kindergarten class! If you choose all on-demand classes, they can be done whenever it is convenient for your family. If you choose a mix of on-demand and live classes, two classes will be live each week and two to three will be pre-recorded (again, depending on which class your child is in). Can't make it to one of the live classes? No worries! Just visit the Member's Area to watch a recording of the live class for that day whenever it's most convenient so your child never misses a class!

Each class, both on-demand and live, is 30-45 minutes long and will *often include story time, song time (to help get the wiggles out), Circle Time (where we learn about emotions, weather, days of the week, months of the year, the Pledge of Allegiance, etc.), and academic time. Each week we will have a specific theme we will focus our learning on such as dinosaurs, insects, outer space, and more!

*Not every class will include every activity.

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