Our families and students love Treehouse Online Academy!

Here are just some of the comments we have received!

“We absolutely LOVE this program!! My little adores Miss Christy and I have not ever seen her so interested and excited to learn...and she IS learning. The techniques and songs are really doing the job!! Keep up the good work Miss Christy!! I highly recommend this to everyone! “

“We absolutely love The Treehouse Online Academy. Miss Christy is an Amazing and Wonderful teacher. She is very thorough and so very sweet! She has awesome worksheets that goes along with whatever you are doing that week as well. I highly recommend her.”

“We are loving the homeschool enrichment class and my 4 year old can not wait to start the preschool. My daughter loves Miss Christy. I am not great with technology and she has helped guide me. She is very responsive and you can tell she truly has a heart for teaching. The hands on approach is exactly what my girl needed.”

"You are awesome and we are blessed for you loving and teaching our babies. Thanks so much!"

“I just have to share again how much we are loving our preschool with Miss Christy. She has learned so much in 2 weeks.”

“If you have a preschool age child and not doing classes with Miss Christy you are missing out. Gracelyn is loving it.”

“Have I mentioned how much we love our enrichment class with Miss Christy. They created this lap book during their live meet today. This weeks book is probably a new favorite of ours. This enrichment class has been such a blessing for our homeschool.”

“Loving our enrichment class with Miss Christy. Highly recommend if she still has openings.”

“You are the best and Mya loves you so much already. I cannot believe how this child is responding, and how excited she is for her school!!!”

“...you do perfect!! I wish she could have you for every grade!!! Big sad face here! We don't want this to end!!!”

“Gracelyn talks nonstop about Miss Christy. Your celebrity status to her. This is such a blessing for us.”

“She definitely loves you!!”

“She cries every day wanting a live class with you and her friends!”

“She found the Cat in the Hat books and wanted to read like her teacher.”

“She LOVED the video today! Didn't hear one word out of her the whole time. She smiled and laughed, listened, and was so happy!!!”

“...you definitely have left an impression!!!”

“Mya loved class. She's still so very shy, but she's coming out of it some haha.”

“M drew you some hearts and asked me to take a photo and send to you. She really likes you or she would never asked me to send it. So, again, thank you!”

“...she asks if she can have class alllll the time.”

“M is not taking no for an answer. She wants you to see that she can draw Shermie the Wormie. ...Thank you for being you!!!”

“She loves class so much, I just can't say enough good things about it!! She gets nervous and so shy, class has helped her!!! Thank you for all you do for these babies!!!”

“I wish we had you longer. I mean I have almost cried to my husband about how we don't want to lose you.”

“Thank you so much!! They have been doing so good in your class. I'm honestly surprised that they have been doing so well and learning so much already. I'm so proud of them. They really enjoy your class! Thank you for offering your skills.”

“They absolutely love class with you. Matteo loves making you laugh, haha, and Rowan feels so special after class. They get so excited to do class time and then they go absolutely wild after class lol they love it. I've only witnessed a few classes but all the classes I've seen were great and they were having so much fun. Thank you for doing so good with them and all the time you're investing into them.”

“She really enjoyed it this morning. I was shocked about how she waited her turn to talk and things like that. This is going to be so good for her. I’m so glad M sent me your post.“

“They think you are the greatest person.”

“You have been such a blessing to me in helping me. I appreciate your listening ear so much and how you are teaching my girls.”

“...if its any comfort she thinks her Miss Christy is the best. HA HA HA!”

“It’s been a blessing having you by our sides.”

“I just can’t express how much we especially me is loving this program. It’s so wonderful they can interact with you and the other kids.”

“She said, you're going to like Miss Christy she’s so nice. Lol”

“She’s went on all evening about Miss Christy. And today in Cincinnati Jaylee said, “Can I do a video lesson today with Miss Christy?”

“We are grateful for you.”

“I’ve never done the unit studies, but I’m loving how you’re doing this. She was telling her dad yesterday how to do alliteration.”

“Today’s lesson was great. I was able to be home and sit in some as you all worked.”

“I honestly am loving it. It’s been a life saver with our situation.”

“Really loving our class.”

“J loved today’s class.”

When our class went a little longer than usual:

"M loved that class went on!"

"A did too! Today's class was her most interactions ever!"

When I asked how the students liked the pre-recorded classes:

"M looks forward to them since it isn't live daily. She participates just like a live class."

“A watches them on repeat!! Especially the days she doesn’t get to participate in a live class. We even have class on Saturdays and Sundays.”

“The boys love them. They think that you can hear them, lol!”

“A will also answer you.”

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